Introduction to the mods! And me!

Hey guys! My group wanted to have a small about us section so here we go!



On the left is Renoc. He is a mod but he is a good guy. I am not really sure why he is there. But if you even need anything online just ask him! He will take care of you. Moving on……

Lunatic: starving artist, grammar nazi, lives in the middle of nowhere. Nice person. Loves Chinese food. Wants to be a web developer.

Mark: yeah… this is our special child. I asked him for an about me for him and he replied with “I is Smart.”

Troy: Head admin. Dont trust him to use World Edit. Other than that good guy.

Sagitarian: This dude is in charge of the lore.

Josh: (Psssst thats me) his guy. Don’t even get me started on this guy! If I am online it doesn’t actually mean I am online. But odds are if you message me I’ll reply back very quick.

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