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Hey guys! This is Josh (AKA Rackley) and this is what I am going to call our little fireside chat. Currently I am running our little server here out of my own pocket. I have no problem doing that but I have had people request a way to help support the server. I would love some help with supporting the server and since it has been requested I have implemented a donation page. You should not feel obligated to donate. I enjoy having you guys play on my server either way. I have implemented a reward system to donating though. If you click on the icon in the top right corner you can see just a few options I have already set up. There will not be a donor rank that allows kids to pay $20 and run around as admins. I will not tolerate that. I welcome options and would love to have any feed back or suggestions about the donation page or things to add to it! Simply find me online or email me at





4 thoughts on “Fireside chat with Josh

  1. hey josh i was wondering if the server could have a server shop where we can buy and sell stuff or have the command of /sell hand so we have a way to sell items

  2. I think being able to donate for extra town blocks would be a very good idea. nothing insane like 500 town blocks. but 50 to 100 seems reasonable. I know nations can give a bonus up to 140, and that there are other means of getting them. but I like this idea because is helps players that don’t want to have residents. this will give them the opportunity to still have quite a bit of private land to themselves, and or if they just like to build a lot like me. Its also a good thing to have while a server is just starting. Since it takes a while for new players to join. Which makes it a lot harder trying to expand your city.

    1. Hey Yas, I may find a way to reward these but the dev for the Towny plugin does not want them sold.

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